School UDISE Code Online - Step by Step Process to Check UDISE Code

U-DISE is a database of information about schools in India. The database was developed at the National University for Educational Planning and Administration. UDISE Code is very important for NIOS DELED Registration for Untrained Teachers and many other purposes. If you do not know How to Check School UDISE Code and also looking for help then you are in the perfect place. We have provided details of the Step by Step Process of Checking the School UDISE Code. You just have to follow the below steps.

How to Check School UDISE Code Online -Step by Step Processes

⇒ Step 1

  • To check the School UDISE Code Online, go to or directly click on This Link

school udise code

⇒ Step 2

You Have to select the Academic Year, Name of the State in India where you live.
1. Select the state: - Select the name of the state.

⇒ Step 3

Select the district within your state where you live.
1. Select District: - Select the name of the district.

⇒ Step 4

All the School UDISE codes have been given from block to village on this page. You have the code in the box with your school name.

School Udise Code

You can also select the other options like Block, Cluster, Village, Search Criteria, Search string, Search Type, Area, Management, Category, RTE Grading, etc. for advance search. Shorted results according to your chosen options will be shown on the page.

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